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If you are looking to raise money, event fundraising is the way to get the job done.

We’re here to help fill your bank account by giving you the easiest way to sell tickets online.

Build a Crowd is versatile fundraising event ticketing system that is easy to install, use, and gain highly effective results. With a concentration on social media fundraising, Build a Crowd allows our users to direct their focus and energies to raise money online for their fundraising event.

Being where people are and engaging their focus and action is the salient goal of any online fundraising drive, and by using this fundraising application, you will better position your fundraiser at center of your target audience.

Campaign Fundraising Event

You cannot win your campaign or spread your message without money. Build a Crowd is the best political event ticketing application for local races all the way up to President of the United States.

Association Fundraising Event

Trying to raise money to spread your message and fund your organization’s operations? We can help you raise money through events with our seamless fundraising event ticketing application.

Nonprofit Fundraising Event

Your nonprofit organization runs off donations and there is no better way to fill your bank account than event fundraising. Our fundraising event ticketing application gives you the solution you’ve been looking for.

Church Fundraising Event

Churches have found the perfect solution for fundraising needs. Build a Crowd is the versatile church event fundraising solution you need to link your online solicitations to your event ticketing.

Charity Fundraising Event

Charity fundraising is booming online and you can get a piece of the action by setting up your next fundraising event with Build a Crowd. With Build a Crowd’s concentration on social media fundraising, attendees can tell all their friends that they are attending your event.

Club Fundraising

Social clubs, school clubs and every community club needs to raise money through fundraising events. Build a Crowd is the versatile event fundraising solution you need to link your online solicitations to your event ticketing.